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Exchange Plan is a Slovakian registered limited company, with its headquarters in Bratislava, and was founded in October of 2010 by investment company Across Investment Management a.s..

Since it’s inception, Exchange Plan has expanded rapidly and has already formed close business relationships with several U.K and U.S based investment companies whose activities are focussed mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. Last year (2010) we had already secured several lucrative deals and our turnover was in excess of €10 million.

In February of 2011 our company was successfully acquired by London based investment company, Laurence and Partners ( who saw this as a strategic move that will increase their presence in the lucrative Central and Eastern European markets.

For us, this change of ownership has had a very positive impact on the company and has given us immediate and direct access to foreign markets as well as the funding required to move forward and expand as a company.

At Exchange Plan our main activities are primarily focussed on the buying and selling of claims in Central and Eastern Europe with clients not only in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. We work in close conjunction with many of the leading consulting and legal firms in the region as well as the largest executor’s office.

This year the new owners of Exchange Plan expressed their confidence in us and were happy to announce that they would increase the capital of the company by €12.495 million to €12.5 million. This promise has since been fulfilled.